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2002 shareholders meeting in Houston, Texas

Elcare Innovations Inc., was founded in 1997, by Elroy T. Cantrell, Ph.D., D.O. and Jon Spijkerman, Ph.D. These researchers recognized the need to provide high quality CPR while initial rescuers await arrival of advanced resources such as Automatic Electrical Defibrillators (AEDs).

Dr. Cantrell saw considerable variability in quality of barehanded CPR in his work as an emergency physican. He and Dr. Spijkerman developed a series of devices and a system for improved CPR. Prototypes of the basic and advanced CPR devices were built and tested over the next four years. Initial support was funded by a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the NIH.

Planning session

A patent and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) marketing clearance was awarded in 2001 for the first basic CPR device (The Grip). Several more patents pending for this device. A patent is pending on the advanced CPR device (the PARD).

A private stock offering has already resulted in some additional funding for the project.

The company projects commercial availability of the Grip in 2003 following evaluation by selected beta sites. For additional information about these products, e-mail “El” at [email protected]

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